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Implementing forms based authentication on sharepoint site

Steps for creating an Extended Web Application with different Authentication.

* Creation of FBA Users Database on the Database server
I] Run command C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NETFramework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regsql.exe from the command prompt of the server.
II] Follow the wizard steps to create new Database for storing users.
1] Database server Name
2] Select Authentication Mode
3] USerName and password if SQL mode is selected.
4] Type New Database Name or Chose the Name from drop-down for existing databases on the server.
5] Next.
6] Finish.
III] Add users and Roles in the database
1] create an ASP.NET 2.0 website using Visual Studio 2005.
2] Add following key to web.config

3] Build the site.
4] under the website menu, select the option for ASP.NET Configuration. This opens up the ASP.NET web site administration tool where we can add the users and roles we want.
5] Select the Security link, create a role (something like administrators), and then go and add a user.


1] Create a site collection in SharePoint server through Site Central Administration.

1] Specify the tile of site
2] Port number (must be unique number)
3] Application Coonection pool (preferrably new application pool name): System login Name and Pwd
4] DataBAse Server Name
5] Database Name
6] Authentication.

2] Create site
1] Select a Web application.
2] Type a title and description for your new site. The title will be displayed on each page in the site
3] Template Selection – for creation of site.
4] Specify the administrator for this Web site collection.
5] Quota Template = No Quota.

////// So till this step we are through with a TOP level Site Creation (Windows/ Active Directory). ////////////////////////

Extended web application with FBA implemented.

3] Follow the path in order to extende an existing web application.
Central Administration > Application Management > SharePoint Web Application Management > Create or extend Web application
4] On the page we will get link for “Extend an existing Web application” (http://servername: portnumber/_admin/extendvsoption.aspx)

5] Select a Web application by clicking the drop down.
6] IIS Web Site.
1] Select “Create new IIS Web Site” radio button.
type the site description e.g SharePoint Extended Web – 4030
2] Specify the Port number (must be a unique number).
3] Specify the Host Header (optional). eg tools.v2solutions.com
4] Specify the Path (optional). by default path will be C:InetpubwwwrootwssVirtualDirectoriesXXXX
where XXXX is the Port Number of the site.
7] Security Configuration
Authentication provider:NTLM
Allow Anonymous: No
Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): No
8] Load Balanced URL
1] Specify the URL(Required) eg. http://v2inmumpc215:4030
2] Select the Zone as Extranet (Required)

9] Once we are through with the above steps then we need to change the Authentication of Newly extended web from Windows Authentication to FBA. Follow this path for same:
Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication Providers
10] Select the Web Application to change the authentication (Note: The extended web application will not be listed in this list, so please select the Parent/Base site from list for which we created extended web application.)
11] Once done we will get list of “Zone” and “membership provider Name”
These will be as follows:
Zone Membership Provider Name
Default Windows
Extranet Windows
12] Select the “Extranet” from above.
1] Authentication Type: Forms
2] Enable anonymous access by checking the check box.
3] Membership Provider Name: AspNetSqlMembershipProvider
13] Now we need to change the web.config file of the Extended Web and Site Central Administration site with following key
“” “”

Note Add this just above and below node

14] Reset IIS.
15] Once IIS is reset please follow the following path to set policy for web application
Central Administration > Application Management > Policy for Web Application
we will be taken to the http://server name: portnumber/_admin/policy.aspx page
16] Select the Web application for which the policy is to be set.
(Note: The extended web application will not be listed in this list, so please select the Parent/Base site from list for which we created extended web application.)
17] Click on the “Add Users” link.
1] Select a Web application
(Note: The extended web application will not be listed in this list, so please select the Parent/Base site from list for which we created extended web application.)
2] Select the Zone : in our case “Extranet”.
3] Next
4] Specify the User Name: Now here Specify the user from the FBA database that is already been created. (Note: Dont specify the AD user name.)
5] Choose Permissions : Full Control – Has full control.
6] Finish

And we are through with the TASK.

Now the check the Extended Web application from the Internet Explorer. eg http://servername:4030
Articles for reference:1] For Creating FBA SharePoint site.http://weblog.vb-tech.com/nick/archive/2006/06/14/1617.aspx
2] For Extending Web Application
3] Membership and Role Providers in ASP.NET 2.0

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