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SharePoint QuickLaunch Control-II

Hi, this is my second post in context to the sharepoint quick launch control. In this post I will list out the possible programmatic ways of manipulating the quick launch control [the ways of implementing these code can be any that I listed in my previous post].

So before listing the coding tactics I will give some situations or scenarios in which one need to go for this coding techniques.

  • Dynamic Generation of navigation links respective/irrespective of logged-in user.
  • Generation of Tabs (less of links) to perform operatrions like page editing, page deletion which comes along with the “Site Actions” menu of sharepoint [invoking javascripts etc].
  • User specific manipulation of links.

and many more (which I don’t know 🙂 )

Coding tactics (I’m planning to post individual post on each of the below):

  1. Hiding the quicklaunch control and adding our own links (with complete UI, look-n-feel) by overriding the Render method 
  2. Add/delete or hide navigation links by accessing QuickLaunch control object (please note: this approach may not work properly in case of publishing site templates because of API limitations).
  3. Replace the datasource control of QuickLaunch control
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