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Hide “My Site” and “My links”

The question is how to hide “My Site” and “My links” gracefully?

For any normal web application developer (who has very little exposure to sharepoint tools and technology) hiding some links (specifically “My Site”) from the default.master page will be just setting its visibilty property to “false”. But doing like this is not a feasible solution.

Then the question arises how to play with  such links gracefully?

So for this all you need to go to the SSP under the central administration site that is associated with SharePoint web application for which you want to hide the links.

Inside the SSP:

Under “User Profiles and My Site” Header click on “Personalization services permissions” link

This will take you to the “Manage Permissions: Shared Service Rights”   Screen 🙂

here select the user for whom you want to disable the “My Site” and “My Links” feature and then click “Modify Permissions of Selected Users” link

which will take you to “Modify Permissions” screen.

Now uncheck the “Create personal site” checkBox to disable the above features 🙂

Please Note changes made here will be applied on the all of the webapplications associated with SSP where you performed this change.

Need less to say that “My Links” and/or “My Site” feature is available to sharepoint web applications which are associated to the SSP only. In short WSS 3.0 driven webapplications dont have such feature 🙂

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