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Add .net assembly to sharepoint 2010 package or solution


here in today I would like to share a small but required thing while packaging sharepoint solutions. We usually require to bundle-up .net assemblies within a sharepoint solution(s). Microsoft Visual studio 2010 has made this thing very easy for packaging sharepoint 2010 solutions.

Please check the screen shots for the sameIn the solution explorer you can see an .net assembly( underlined red in color), I wanted to refer/add this assembly into the sharepoint solution (highlighted in dark black).

So I opened the package.package (double click it šŸ™‚ ) as shown in screen shot.

Here on the wizard click on Advance tab (highlighted in red box below)

On opening of the tab gives option (inform of buttons) to add, edit, delete “Additional Assemblies”. The added assemblies are listed in the grid.

When we try to add new assembly it will give 2 options viz; Add existing assembly & Add assembly from project output

Now if you want to add assembly from your current project/solution then use second option & if you to refer to external assembly which is not part of your project then use first option.

In either cases if you want to register these assemblies into the web.config safe controls then there is provision for same šŸ™‚

One most important thing to remember is: any assembly that you want to refer/add should be strong named (public token key) in order to add it to the GAC / assembly cache.

Additional Resource can be found at: Add & Remove Additional Assemblies

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