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Sending HTML formated email from sql server

Hi Folks,
After long time jolting something worth having glance. In application development we often come across a typical requirement where we are required to build a utility they will perform certain task(s) on periodic basis. One such type of common requirement is to shot mail(s) on periodic basis.
Recently I built one such utility for auto mailer. There were three (3) possible options to achieve this viz:

  1. Schedule an .exe application which will send emails
  2. Write an window service
  3. Create sql job and execute a sproc which will send email

Of these three options, last option has upper hand, as the data that required to be mailed was in database, also the sender email address and receiver email address were available in db and lastly there is no extra installer required since the job is defined in sql server and hence no deployment hiccups.

But the challenge was to build a dynamic HTML formatted email (challenge: because I underestimated send mail sproc of sqlserver).

But then bit of googling cleared my misconception and then I kick started building the auto mailer.

  • The rough layout of the desired html is as below:

Spot Nomination for July 2012

Emp.ID Employee Name Approver Payroll Amount Currency Mode
1 Joe Gracia Mark twain USA 1000 USD Cash
2 Narayan Jadhav Sam Powel USA 1000 USD Cash
3 Manish Patil Jignesh Patel India 4000 INR Cash
4 Amy Wang Lu Sang Taiwan 2000 TD Cash
5 Tsai Wu Sam Mochi Taiwan 2000 TD Cash
6 Juan Marcos Anna Alvaris Spain 1000 EURO Cash
7 Adongo Wangai Tobe Mugambe Kenya 4000 KES Cash
8 Akae Takahashi Chi Itou Japan 2000 YEN Cash
9 Mohit Gupta Ashutosh Singh India 4000 INR Cash

Thanks & Regards,
Payroll Management Team

  • The Logic for the Stored Procedure
  1. Create a temp table and define necessary columns in it
  2. Populate the temp table by inserting the required data into it
  3. Declare two variables viz @xml NVARCHAR(MAX); @body NVARCHAR(MAX);
  4. Extract the data from temp table, cast it to xml string (essentially with html tags in it) and then assign it to @xml variable
  5. Now this @xml variable is having partial, table formatted data of the body tag
  6. Now build the remaining part of the body tag
  7. At concluding part just execute the msdb.dbo.sp_mail_dbmail stored procedure and provide the @body variable to it
  • The complete sql script is as below:
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[SendEmail_Date_AwardType_Location]
 @FromDate DateTime
 , @ToDate DateTime
 , @AwardTypeID Int
 , @LocationName Varchar(50)


CREATE TABLE #SpotNomApporval
 [EmpID] INT
 ,[EmployeeName] NVARCHAR(150)
 ,[Payroll] NVARCHAR(150)
 ,[ApprovingAuthority] NVARCHAR(150)
 ,[Amount] INT
 ,[Currency] NVARCHAR(150)
 ,[Mode] NVARCHAR(150)

INSERT INTO #SpotNomApporval
 ,[EmpName] AS [EmployeeName]
 , AI.[GlobalLocation] AS [Payroll]

FROM [AwardInfo] AS AI
 LEFT JOIN [AwardType] AS AT
 ON AI.AwardTypeID = AT.AwardTypeId
 LEFT JOIN [AwardLocation] AS AL
 ON AI.GlobalLocation = AL.LocationName
WHERE AT.AwardTypeId = @AwardTypeID
 AND AL.LocationName = @LocationName
 AND DateofRequisition BETWEEN @FromDate AND @ToDate

DECLARE @duration NVARCHAR(100);

SET @xml = CAST(( SELECT [EmpId] AS 'td'
 ,'',[EmployeeName] AS 'td'
 ,'',[ApprovingAuthority] AS 'td'
 ,'',[Payroll] AS 'td'
 ,'',[Amount] AS 'td'
 ,'',[Currency] AS 'td'
 ,'',[Mode] AS 'td'
FROM #SpotNomApporval

SET @duration = (SELECT Month =
 WHEN 1 THEN 'January'
 WHEN 2 THEN 'February'
 WHEN 3 THEN 'March'
 WHEN 4 THEN 'April'
 WHEN 5 THEN 'May'
 WHEN 6 THEN 'June'
 WHEN 7 THEN 'July'
 WHEN 8 THEN 'August'
 WHEN 9 THEN 'September'
 WHEN 10 THEN 'Octomber'
 WHEN 11 THEN 'November'
 WHEN 12 THEN 'December'

SET @body ='<html><body><span style="color:#17365d"><H3>Spot Nomination for '+@duration+'</H3></span>
<table border = 1>
<td bgcolor="#6B696B"> Emp.ID </td> <td bgcolor="#6B696B"> Employee Name </td> <td bgcolor="#6B696B"> Approver </td>
<td bgcolor="#6B696B"> Payroll </td> <td bgcolor="#6B696B"> Amount </td> <td bgcolor="#6B696B"> Currency </td>
<td bgcolor="#6B696B"> Mode </td></tr>'

SET @body = @body + @xml +'</table></body></html>'
SET @duration = 'Spot Nomination for '+@duration

EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
@body = @body,
@body_format ='HTML',
@recipients = 'manishrao18@gmail.com',
@subject = @duration

DROP TABLE #SpotNomApporval


The more helpful resource can be found at below links:


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  1. September 7, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Sending Email in HTML Table Format Using TSQL in SQL Server
    As we know that SQL language is specified as an ANSI and ISO standard and performance, scalability, and optimization are important for database-driven applications, especially on the Web. In application development, we are required to build a SQL program to perform certain task(s) on periodic basis or daily basis. For example, send email alert of order details from SQL Server to the business users. Let us discuss how we can send an email in HTML table format using TSQL.

  2. doc_m
    November 4, 2016 at 11:56 am

    I found this tool and I’m very satisfied, vsql-email at sql-email.com

  3. SHIRE
    August 8, 2017 at 8:50 am

    hi Manish, this is very useful! However I have a problem here.
    I am using joint tables to populate result into one HTML table. Lets say I joint 5 DB tables to display a HTML table with 5 columns. How to populate the table when one of the columns has NULL value? thanks in advance!

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