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Integrating outlook with sharepoint

May 21, 2009 3 comments


This post is a outcome of some rigorous research done on areas where we can integrate Office Outlook with SharePoint services and MOSS.
Since sharepoint is no more coming as single entity and instead it has become a member (collaborative) of office family. Hence it provides really tight integration with other office entities like excel, infopath and undoubtedly outlook.
So, to explore or to find the real truth I dive deep into this area and came up with some awesome results which I plan to share with you all from this platform.
Whenever I tried to search(I am god follower [Goggle Oriented Developer]) regarding this (Outlook integration with sharepoint) I use to come across some common topics like:

Use calendars to schedule projects, appointments, and
milestones. A SharePoint Server 2007 calendar can be viewed side-by-side with
an Outlook 2007 calendar, or the two calendars can be overlaid to view all
items at once. You can drag an item to your Outlook 2007 personal calendar to
see it on a mobile device.

Task List
Use task lists to assign project duties and track them to
conclusion. Team members can see all project tasks in the Tasks window, or
can view tasks assigned only to them in the To-Do Bar.

Document Library
Team members use document libraries to preview, search,
and open project documents. Site members can edit documents locally or
offline. Office reminds members to update the SharePoint server with changes,
as necessary.

Discussion Board
Use Discussion Boards to discuss specific topics during
the course of a project. While e-mail discussions require participants to
find and sort many messages, Discussion Boards isolate messages for easy

Contact List
Use Contact Lists to stay in touch with other team members
and with important people outside the team. And as one member adds contacts
to a list or edits it, the entire team gets the new information.

But haven’t found any article (neither on google nor on msdn and not even on office site) which specifies how to do the above and to what exetent can we go with this

So I decided to explore it solo handedly and below are the result of same:

To get the outlook fields in sharepoint contact list (infact we can go for any other list also but for Sync. purpose ContactList is best option) we need to visit the “Site Column Gallery” under Site Settings >> Galleries >> Site Column Gallery. Here we can create new columns at site collection level(Top level site) which can used throughout the child-sites, subsites, repository of sharepoint site.

There are several possiblity to create new columns from these exiting list and library:

Within the list setting for creating new columns we will get to see the “Add from existing site columns” link. On clicking this link the user is redirected to the “Add Columns from Site Columns” wizard.

On this wizard we get list of available columns and types that have tighter integration with other office products (like office word, outlook, calendar etc.)

Select the “Core Contacts and Calendar Columns” from the drop down and then accordingly all the columns available to Outlook fields will be listed out.

Select the columns of your preference and also indicate weither to add it to default view and then click ok.
Thats it!!!! and you are laced with the columns that are in oultook. Now go ahead and synchronize your list with outlook contacts!!!