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Sharepoint 2010 powershell references

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

export-and-importcreate-site-columns :

Get all Site Columns for a SharePoint 2010 site collection:

How to: Add a Content Type to a Site:

Export Content Types:

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Heavy shelling with powershell

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment

in this post i’m going to cover the powershell as what i understood. hope you all find it appropriate and worth for your work. if not than please do feel free to update / upgrade my knowledge :).

So starting with shelling 🙂

what is powershell:
* windows powershell is microsofts task automation framework [as per wikipedia] built primarily for the windows administrators.
* It basically consist of command-line shell which is build on top of .net common language runtime and .net framework that accepts and returns .NET framework objects unlike to its counterparts which accept and return text.
* An administrator can perform administrative tasks on local but also on remote windows system through the virtue of powershell support to COM and WMI

As per microsoft its:

I came across some handy tool / editor for playing with the powershell at  do check it.

Manish Patil

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