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Pros and cons of shared web application pool in sharepoint

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment

This post is outcome of some un-usual yet unique stuff (since I never encountered it before) that happen when we were developing and deploying sharepoint application. The situation was as below:

We had several sharepoint applications running on the server. For few of the applications to be unique and distinct from others and to be running on port 80 of the same server, we assigned unique IP address to the individual SharePoint application. From the above details it looks like each sharepoint application is unique, distinct from each other even though they share the same port 80. But there was something wrong while creation, configuring these sharepoint applications. Below blocks can provide the clear picture of above discription.

Now as I said that even though the applications were clear, distint & unique still they were some problems, issues when any of the application was customized, configured to cater specific requirement. The customization and configuration required good enough server coding, webparts, utilities and updation of the web.config and other associated files of the webapplication. Even in certain cases we had added several directories and sub directories under the root directory of application in InetPub (virtual directory).

So since there was heavy customization into the sharepoint application, the changes in one sharepoint application was affecting functioning of other sharepoint application. The Administrator was really having some tough time because of this. The seriousness grew up such that it stopped other sharepoint applications that were used by large user group. We had good round of discussion because of that 😦  .

Finally we come together (me and the admin along with my manager) started investigating and analyzing the web application, our code, server settings, permissions on the server and on application. But nothing fruitful came out.

Being frustrated of this all I finally decided to investigate right from source codes and also started to compare the production server with my development server (since everything was working fine on our development environment). So while doing that I found this culprit called as Web application pool, actually I should not refer it culprit or damn since its very innocent and helpful stuff of basic sharepoint webapplication infrastructure.

The only difference that I found between development and production environment was of application pools. This is because the Production Sharepoint sites (2 or 3 i guess)  were running with a Shared Application Pool, while mine where with individual/separate applications pools for each application. I then tried do the same on my development environment and and made my observation concrete. 🙂

The very next day I happily called my administrator and asked him to allocate the separate application pool for our application and from there onwards there were no more issues.  🙂

Here is one similar post which I found in recent days:

I’m planning write few details on this provided when I get enough time 🙂

Till the time happy sharepointing 🙂