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Want to become a Technical Architect

September 22, 2010 1 comment

Career Objective: Want to become a Technical Architect.
Ultimate goal: Want to become a Technical Architect.
Want to shape my career as a Technical architect.
Down the line of career want to be Technical Architect.

Isn’t this the thing that you quite often have in your mind as being an software professional. But many of us get confuse or are in dilemma that ‘How can I become a Tech Arch and what all is required for that’.
People have many belief and views to answer the above question(s), many of them are right to certain extend. The views and beliefs which I came across are as below:

  • For becoming a Technical architect one needs to have good enough years of experience (at least 8-10 yrs min)
  • For some, only experience is not sufficient one need to have done certifications (needless to say numerous))
  • For some higher education qualification is also a driving point for being architect

Even though these sound right. but I really don’t feel that these are mandatory factors. For me architect is one who is very seasoned person, one who keeps on evaluating the technology, makes best out from technology by utilizing it to its stretch. No doubt doing or having certifications is good then also you can work as architect.

I would like to share few links which can help to target the said objective:

for some good books please refer this one:

Also you make use of following Microsoft links:

The Article is still in draft mode. please stay tune for right one 🙂